Resources on Stewardship

Recommended Resource

In Secret Church 8 David Platt explores Scripture's teaching on possessions in relation to God's people in the Old Testament, in relation to the teaching of Jesus, and in relation to God's people in the New Testament. We will then apply what we learn to the practical issues of submitting, committing, working, living, giving, tithing, helping, saving, borrowing, and investing. This study closes by addressing the errors of the prosperity gospel, and then urging Christians to use their prosperity for the glory of Christ and His persecuted church.  

Don't be fooled. Getting out of debt or on a budget can't change your life. A healthy 401k can't change your life. A renewed U.S. economy can't change your life. But discovering and living in God's economy can change everything! Chuck Bentley walks you through 9 brief lessons that explain how 3 principles: Lordship, Stewardship and Generosity working in synergy impact every area of your life. When you practice these principles, you will see changes in your marriage and relationships, in your career or studies, in your prayer life and church involvement.

THE CHRISTIAN'S GUIDE TO BIBLICAL STEWARDSHIP. Practical biblical stewardship advice, tools, tips, and techniques